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  • York Politics
    Discussion about politics in York, whether at local Government level or about the MP. Please ensure that all posts are not personal attacks on any politician (or anyone else).
    158 discussions 173 comments
  • York Sports
    Discussion about sport in the city, either just for fun, horse-racing or maybe York City Football Club.
    36 discussions 39 comments
  • York News
    Discussions about what's happening in York at the moment.
    246 discussions 259 comments
  • York Food and Drink
    Discussions about restaurants, cafes, or any food/drink based messages.
    28 discussions 36 comments
  • York Pubs
    Discussion about pubs in York, where to get the best real ale and ciders, or any other information.
    1,009 discussions 1,029 comments
  • York History
    Discussions about the history of York.
    380 discussions 390 comments
  • General
    All other York related discussions.
    15,179 discussions 15,202 comments

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