Jumbo Chinese Buffet fine
  • I see that the Jumbo Chinese Buffet has been closed for the second time, with the owner fined over 40,000 pounds and banned from running food establishments. My only comment is that I've eaten here a few times over the years, and I've never had any problems, shame that the owner couldn't improve things to please the council, I'm sure that would have been better for everyone.
  • I see they do 300,000 pounds a year in turnover - they are really well located, I'm sure they could have nearly doubled that if they'd have tidied things up and given it a better impression that what it had. Mind you, I have to agree, I only ate there twice, but I didn't have an ill effects that I remember.
  • I see Shambles Butchers is in trouble as well according to the Press. Never went to Jumbo Chinese Buffet, but wouldn't put me off!
  • I went there once, it was OK, but I've had much better all you can eats. The choice was a bit different to usual, but it wasn't very genuine cuisine (although I know these things never really are, but it's all relative). We could do with a good all you can eat in the city, anyone got any suggestions? Am I missing out?
  • I went a couple of times with work, I wasn't much taken with the atmosphere and found the food to be average, but I wasn't ill afterwards.

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