York's Sweet Story
  • Quick review of this from my experience. Don't go. I went along with a friend and their kids who were visiting, and I can't believe what a let-down it is. The "experience" takes about 45 minutes, and is rewarded with a couple of chocolates and an opportunity to spend more in the shop and cafe. All the great museums that try so hard to reward and interest tourists, and then we have this one, that if I'm being honest, just seems to want to grab as much money from families as they can. I'm a bit ashamed to be honest that this is in my city.
  • I haven't been, but I've heard it's a bit of a rip-off. Castle Museum is my favourite place to take people interested in the city.
  • A friend went with her two children, she said the kids enjoyed the time they spent there, but that it was too expensive and she would never go back. I'm sure places like this are expensive to run,
  • I was going to go but saw the reviews on Trip Advisor, they're a bit horrific in places. I might go if they offer some sort of discount for residents though.
  • Someone at work went, and regretted it. But having said that, it was apparently very busy, so some people must be enjoying it.

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