New forum system
  • We have moved from our old site to this new forum system, please let us know of any problems.
  • All seems good so far!
  • Yep, been able to claim my old user-name, thanks for the e-mail to everyone. Glad to see the forums will keep going, had an interesting few meets in pubs with some of the members.
  • Yep, signed up, took a couple of tries to get past the repcatcha system, I'm sure they get harder every month!
  • All working for me too, although I note that I can't access the site on my phone, only my laptop, any ideas?
  • PS, and the search isn't working!
  • Cheers, I guessed that there would be some teething problems, will look into those. I quite like the simple new format, and we can add to the forum over time with some add-ons.
  • We still must have loads of the old members still waiting to move over to this forum? A bit quiet here at the moment.
  • Got the e-mail, got passed the Captcha thing first time, but think that might have been down to luck.
  • I've successfully joined too :)
  • PS, could we have a section on York politics?
  • Will set up the politics section now for you!

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