• Anyone going to the Olympics? Anyone interested in the Olympics?
  • I'm going! Got tickets to the boxing of all things, I tried to get tickets to some more exciting events, but I just want to say I've been. Quite expensive though all things considered.
  • I tried, but couldn't get tickets either. Probably saved myself a lot of hassle, but I did get to see the Olympic torch :)
  • Going to watch some of the athletics on TV, but not going. I'm proud that we have the Olympics here, but rather think it might have been better given the cost to land them somewhere else. But, we should make the most of it, hope that it paints the country in a good light internationally.
  • Not a very good start that they can't even get the flags right, you'd think they'd bother to check things like that. Be glad when it's over personally.
  • Don't be so cynical Tom! I'm enjoying it, I thought the opening ceremony was good, and I was quite sad to see poor Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield not quite get a medal, but very proud of them both!
  • I'm enjoying it more than I thought, the badminton situation was a disappointment though. I'd have been furious if I'd paid a lot of money to watch that, and I see that no refunds are to be considered.
  • I'm going to the Paralympics! I'm quite excited, I thought all in all, the Olympics were really positive for the country. Although quite expensive, and we didn't get much up north.....
  • I think it all went well, disappointed that I couldn't get tickets for the Olympics, but at least there was some national pride and I got to go to London on a couple of days so I got near to the atmosphere!

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